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As both houses of Congress advance paid family leave efforts, a new PL+US survey finds that voters overwhelmingly support a national paid leave policy and are ready to rally behind candidates who support the policy, particularly in early primary voting states.

PL+US surveyed likely Democratic primary voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada and found strong support for a national paid family and medical leave policy:

  • Nearly half of Democratic primary and caucus voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina have taken unpaid leave from work.
  • Taking unpaid leave causes financial problems for most people.
  • Support for this paid family leave is nearly universal (92 percent) and intense (74 percent strongly support), spanning all four of the early primary/caucus states.
  • Support for paid leave was particularly high among people of color — who faced disproportionate financial hardship from unpaid leave.
  • Most voters say that a national paid family and medical leave policy is very important to them — 77% of voters said “important” or “very important."
  • Voters report said they are more likely to vote for a candidate who supports a national paid family and medical leave policy (86 percent more likely to support, including 47 percent who are much more likely).
  • 62 percent of voters say that they would volunteer for a candidate who supports paid family and medical leave.

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What Kind of Paid Family Leave Voter Are You?


"The combination of being away from my child for 10 hours out of the day and not responding well to a pump were extremely stressful and not in my physical or mental health interest or in my child’s best interest. Expecting a mother to return to work 6 weeks after giving birthor to live on a very limiting budget during the most stressful and exhausting time in her life is detrimental to her and her child."
Kacey Doll, Iowa

"My organization has no paid family leave and requires all employees to exhaust their vacation if they want to raise a child or need surgery of any kind that has a long recovery. Research shows the health and well-being of both mother's and babies are better with paid family leave."
Amelia Houghgross, South Carolina

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